Used units

In contradiction to the past, nowadays the implementation of used units is much more accepted. This is not only due to limited budgets and shorter life cycles of products, but also due to the experience gained, that even older used units still provide a solid base for overhauling and modification according to the new requirements.


Opposite to trading companies for used units we are not only offering in addition to the used units the overhauling and the adjustment to your specific needs with all correspondent warranties, but also the whole engineering out of one hand. Consequently you are able to let us arrange complete production lines for you according to your requirements and making sure that all components fit to each other. For the treatment of melts and of solids we can provide a technical and commercial suitable package, which can include all units required, from extruders or agitators to filling or bagging stations, considering your product behaviour and your space requirements, which we develop from basic engineering to start up.

Alternatively to the used units, we are offering you granulation of melts and screening of solids on your behalf by transforming the material provided by you, if you just start your production or if you need to cover preliminary shortages of your capacities. Usually, the batches we are handling are in a range of 500 kg up to 10 t. This allows you to test the market at low and mainly flexible introduction costs, before you are binding capital in investing in machinery and in own production.